Eat Stop Eat Review: SCAM EXPOSED?

Does Eat Stop Eat Work? My SHOCKING Eat Stop Eat Review!

Eat Stop Eat Review

We always hear the diet industries claiming that they have come up with a new product that will automatically solve the woes of everyone`s weight loss within the shortest time possible. But have you ever asked yourself why is it that these products often revolves on the things you should consume rather than things you ought not to eat?

Typically, human common sense states that the more you eat the more you keep adding weight. But have you ever put into consideration the possibility of not eating completely instead of eating good and healthy diets for your steady body? In case you have considered that, then you are not far from the mark. The author of the “Eat Stop Eat" diet program, professional nutritionist and athlete Brad Pilon during his graduate school, commenced studying about intermittent fasting research. The Eat Stop Eat book has 175 pages written in simple language easy to read and understand and the book is published in the Medical Journal across the globe.

After achieving his degree, he travelled over Europe and Asia to meet other renowned specialists in nutrition. Being an athlete, he was interested in burning body fats without damaging the muscles. Before his departure to pursue graduate studies in Human Biology and Nutritional Sciences, Brad led in designing various products still being sold by his previous companies he worked for. While in these firms, he had a chance of accessing high tech equipments and machines that he used to run body tests for top body builders and athletes.

Does Eat Stop Eat Work
Does Eat Stop Eat Functions?
In this revolutionary diet book, Eat Stop Eat, explains why the diet supplements and products from various companies fail to achieve their goals; it is simply because they advise you to continue eating instead of cutting your food consumption. In this diet program, Brad strongly criticizes the conceived misconception with fasting to lose weight method and offers a flexible but simple way of cutting weight. But, in spite of his strong support about the book, does eat stop eat diet really work? To give it more life and surety, the scientific data and logics support the program to be accurate. During the twenty four hours of fasting the following happens;

  • Cortisol levels are balanced
  • Adrenal functions properly
  • The hormone growth increases
  • low insulin levels
  • Increase in testosterone levels; helps for the growth of the muscles.

Putting together these factors and together with the weekly calorie intake, individuals practicing Eat Stop Eat diet plan, achieve their goals without losing mass of muscles.

Eat Stop Eat diet has been reported to have a number of benefits such as:

  • It allows you to choose what you want to eat on the days you do not fast.
  • Metabolic rate is improved
  • It increases the growth of hormones levels
  • Eat Stop Eat program doesn’t lower energy level or cause crankiness
  • It doesn’t need costly supplements, cleansers or even laxatives to be used.
  • There is no negative effect on workouts

About The Eat Stop Eat Program
The main theme of the diet plan is to assist people reduce their weight without drastically changing their eating lifestyle and damaging the muscles. The whole notion behind the program is to keep in check the body calories through balancing the intake and burned out calories. According to the book, the body of a human can either be in the state of taking in calories or using up the stored calories. For the weight lose, a balance between the two calorie statuses is very essential. If the body constantly is in a fed state, the end result is weight gain and the opposite. Study has proven that fasting is the appropriate way of restoring the body calorific balance and Eat Stop Eat diet program has its foundation based on this aspect.

The program recommends that an individual fasts for a period of 16 to 24 hours once or twice a week to ensure that the body utilizes the stored fats. The period and how often an individual desires to fast can be tailored in accordance to the needs and lifestyle of the person. To help the body develop a mass of muscles, the program also recommends that some resistance training routines to be included. Since muscles lose much calories than fats, the supplemented training routines will lead to tremendous lose of weight and toning. Practicing the intermittent fasting diet should not be a bother as it is simple, easy, free from side effects and needs no costly pills or equipments. Frankly, it is more of a living than a dieting.

Is Eat Stop Eat a Scam
Is Eat Stop Eat a scam or a complete solution?
In today’s world where many conmen are out to swindle cash from individuals eager to cut off their body fat, questions like is eat stop eat a scam just like other programs introduced and disappeared without a trace left lingers in many people’s heart? The various benefits and the science behind the program completely prove it to be true and genuine to the people interested in trying out the Eat Stop Eat diet program.

The program has a number of health benefits with almost none reported side effects:

  • Maintains and increases muscle mass
  • Decreases insulin level and blood sugar
  • Accelerate and sustain weight loss
  • Helps to better insulin sensitivity
  • It assists in increasing the growth of hormone and glucagon levels
  • Enhances burning/oxidation of fats and better lipolysis
  • Assists in reducing mental and physical stress
  • Decreases chronic inflammation
  • It cleanses and detoxifies the body.

Science Behind the Program

  • Give the body a break from eating so that the accumulated toxins can be released
  • Due to fasting, the body has a chance to stabilize blood sugar levels and calorific balance.
  • Short term fasting doesn’t affect metabolism rate thus the body does not experience starvation
  • It has healthy weight loss advantages
  • Fasting increases the body immunity system thus protecting it from heart diseases and diabetes

In Eat Stop Eat diet program, both cleansings benefits of fasting and physical exercise to build muscles for creation of flexible and efficient program that leads to a fast muscle gain and rapid weight lose are combined together thus giving the best results ever.

Surely, this diet program is a cheap, simple and easy method to follow that if you are an individual eager to lose weight effectively without body side effects, I bet this is the program you will never regret no matter how much you invest in it. Give Eat Stop Eat a try and see to yourself how eat stop eat brings a positive weight lose without fear of any risk.